Meet Our Team

Busra Ozer – Provisional Psychologist

Busra is one of the members of ADS and the Clinical Team. She is a nationally registered provisional psychologist and therapy assistant at ADS. Busra’s formal qualifications include Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from overseas. She has mental health experience in community including Turkey, Germany, and Australia.

Busra is motivated by her passion for helping people in need. She guides her clients to achieve their therapeutic goals and is aware of these core values. She is an active listener and is both firm and compassionate. She provides counselling and also had received Psychodrama Training from overseas and she applies Psychodrama in her sessions. She practices mindfulness and breathing techniques in her sessions as well.

Busra also bilingual – speaks in English and Turkish. Moreover, she is open to growth and development within her career. Busra has been working with ADS since late 2020. She joined our team as a therapy assistant and has worked her way through the role of a therapist, she developed her skills and experience and became a provisional psychologist.

She enjoys traveling and discover new things. She enjoys dancing and spending time with animals. She believes in the mantra that “What you can do on the stage of psychodrama, you can do in real life”.

Busra Ozer


(02) 9649 2238