Embark on a fulfilling career journey with Auburn Health Centre, a leading light in NDIS Services, where passion meets purpose.

Here, every day offers a new opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. At Auburn Health Centre, you’re not just joining a team; you’re becoming part of a community dedicated to excellence, compassion, and innovation in healthcare.

Our commitment to professional development and a supportive work environment means your career in NDIS Services will not only grow but thrive. With us, you’ll be empowered to unleash your potential, contribute to meaningful change, and help shape a brighter future for individuals with disabilities.

If you’re driven by a desire to improve lives and have a lasting impact, your journey begins here, at Auburn Health Centre.

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Careers in Therapeutic Support, Speech Therapy, Daily Living & Life Skills Services, Plan Management, Support Coordination, Assistance With Daily Life, and Social and Community Participation Activities represent a rewarding spectrum of opportunities within the health and social care sector. Professionals in Therapeutic Support play a vital role in devising and implementing strategies to improve patients’ physical and psychological wellbeing. Speech Therapists specialize in diagnosing and treating communication disorders, providing a lifeline for individuals striving to find their voice. Life Skills Coaches focus on teaching essential life skills, promoting independence and confidence in those they support.

Plan Management professionals are the financial stewards of care, ensuring clients’ funds are managed effectively, while Support Coordinators act as navigators, helping clients understand and utilize their care plans to the fullest. Those in Assistance With Daily Life provide the hands-on support that enhances quality of life for individuals needing help with personal care and routine activities. Lastly, those organizing Social and Community Participation Activities create inclusive environments where clients can forge connections and develop social skills. Together, these careers offer a chance to make a significant impact on individuals’ lives, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive society.

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